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TeacherPAC is a federal political action committee dedicated to electing exceptional educators to US Congress.

We are an independent committee not connected to any individual candidate, candidate’s committee, union, party, industry, nor corporation.

We believe those trained in the field of education possess the character traits, values, and skills we admire most in successful legislators:  teamwork, truth, fairness, conflict resolution, decisions based on fact, a vision of growth for our future, and most of all, an awareness that personal gain is a virtue, but personal gain at the expense of others is a vice. 

Please see Why Teachers? to learn more.

TeacherPAC works to bring national attention to the importance of Congressional elections in all states. Our primary goal is to help elect exceptional educators to the US Senate and House of Representatives as well as support experienced politicians who have worked hard to improve education institutions and promote collaboration between private businesses and local school districts. Secondarily, we seek to improve voter turn-out by providing voter registration and identification resources, by engaging in “get out the vote” campaigns, and by working to improve civics education for all. 

The views of the candidates we support align with those of a groundbreaking former school teacher, who holds the honorable distinction of being the first female elected to the US Senate:  

My philosophy of legislation, and really on life, is to be broad-minded enough to consider human relationships and the well-being of all the people as worthy of consideration, to realize that all human beings are entitled to earn, so far as possible, their daily bread, and to try to prevent the exploitation of the underprivileged.          ~ Senator Hattie Caraway (1878-1950)

To learn more about the individual candidates TeacherPAC supports, see Educators in Congress.

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It’s time to STOP the select few with big money from controlling our country. 

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