1MattTechPhotoMatthew S. Johnson, PhD is Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen. He is the author of over 85 scientific articles on atmospheric and environmental chemistry including biofuels, pollution control technology, mercury and greenhouse gases.

Johnson received the University of Copenhagen’s prestigious Innovation Prize 2014 for his development of a process for removing pollution from the environment. He is one of the founders of INFUSER, an environmental technology company specializing in emissions control for industries including waste management, agriculture, foundries, paint shops, plastics, and food processing. The process, called gas phase advanced oxidation (GPAO), is based on the natural mechanisms the atmosphere uses to clean itself, including sunlight, rain, and chemical reactions.

A product of generations of piano teachers, Johnson was raised in rural Minnesota and was deeply influenced by his father’s love of nature and work as a minister. He studied chemistry at Macalester College in St. Paul Minnesota and earned a doctorate in Physical Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA where he learned the central importance of anchoring abstract scientific theories using real-world problems. Johnson was awarded the Fullbright Fellowship to study atmospheric chemistry at the Max-Lab electron accelerator in Lund, Sweden.

In addition to teaching Physical and Environmental Chemistry, Johnson filled a void in advanced chemistry education by co-writing the comprehensive textbook, Chemistry and the Environment (Cambridge University Press, 2012) based on materials developed in the classroom as Professor at the University of Copenhagen.1MatthewSJohnsonGreenhouse

Johnson maintains a reverence for the natural world by bike riding to work, by  teaching a new generation of environmental chemists, and by his time spent outdoors and with his family.